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Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, unfortunately the world we live in has changed forever. Please note that all the prices quoted  are subject to change because of local and global conditions.

As a result there have been many additional restrictions placed on us (Africansunroad.com) by our suppliers and providers, some of which we have been required to pass on down the line.

Please note; Africansunroad reserves the right to amend food and trail prices to cover inflation related price increases. The clients deposit payment serves as notification that all the conditions have been read, understood and accepted.

Obviously we will try our best to stick to the the prices as quoted throughout this vast website. Any changes will be communicated at the time of booking, and your booking confirmation price will remain fixed.

Please be advised that all quotes expire after 14 days from the date they are sent, thereafter amended prices may apply.


Africansunraod Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation by the Client


If the client wants to cancel a confirmed booking, the client must notify Africansunroad by email, receipt of which must be confirmed by africansunroad with an acceptance email. Africansunroad reserves the right to levy a cancellation fee as follows:

All cancellation requests for confirmed bookings are subject to the following
1. Confirmed bookings, which are cancelled 60 days or more prior to the booked arrival
date, shall be refunded in an amount equal to 75% of the deposit paid.
2. Confirmed bookings, which are cancelled within 45 days prior to the scheduled arrival
date, shall be refunded in an amount equal to 50% of the deposit paid.
3. Confirmed bookings, which are cancelled within 30 days of the booked arrival dates
shall not qualify for a refund or credit.
4. The Client shall forfeit 100% of the total cost for any non-arrival.

Cancellation by Africansunroad

Force Majeure:  Africansunroad reserves the right to suspend, postpone or terminate a tour if circumstances beyond our control arise, make the tour inadvisable, impracticable, illegal, dangerous or impossible. This includes but is not limited to forces of nature (extreme weather conditions) as well as national and global security or medical emergencies (e.g. epidemic or pandemic outbreak) and conduct of third parties for whom neither the Company nor the Client is responsible, such as mass cancellations of tours due to a force majeure event occurring.

In the event of the above occurring, Africansunroad will do everything in its power to reschedule the tour to an alternate and suitable date within a reasonable time frame. Africansunroad guarantees that all monies received from the Client shall be safeguarded and may be reapplied towards a different tour at the Client’s discretion.

Please note there will be no refunds in terms of this clause and the Company shall not be liable for costs incurred by the Client outside of the actual cost of the tour paid to the Company, i.e. the Company shall not be liable for flights, accommodation etc. that the Client had to cancel due to the force majeure event.

PLEASE NOTE that the “FORCE MAJEURE” clause, as in the above, supersedes ALL other rules in terms of cancellations or refund policies.